Our Philosophy

deufin advises medium-sized businesses with up to € 500 million in raising debt finance.

Many companies need liquidity or capital at this stage in the economic cycle. Yet traditional financing sources are constrained. The financial crisis has made banks, the traditional financing sources of SME, very cautious. Their customers often go empty-handed.

At the same time billions of concessional public sector finance are available for all types of uses at the regional, national and supra-national level. Only few market participants have the necessary experience on how this money can be mobilized for you business.
This is true not only for domestic European projects, but even more so for cross-border projects with development impact in the host country. Raising concessional finance for private sector projects in Africa is a particular expertise for deufin.

deufin is well versed in these concessional programs but – as well as in all types of bank financing, the capital markets, mezzanine and equity funds.

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